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Activities & Services

The activities within the Club will be many and will not only deal with magical art directly but will also touch all the points connected to it, here we can list some of the services and activities that you will find within the Ferando Riccardi Magico Club available to all members.

  • School of Magic for everyone (FREE UP TO 18 YEARS OF AGE)

  • Rooms for rehearsals and shows.

  • Magic Library - DVD - Vhs available to all members.

  • Photo Room for Book & Video. 

  • Room for Tv Programs - YouTube - TikTok - Social Media.

  • Graphic Studio &   Web Designer for Advertising Graphics - Video Promo - Internet Sites.  

  • Artistic Secretariat of the Show for Events and Shows.

  • Artistic Consultancy with Authors - Directors - Choreographers - Scenographers - Audio, Light and Video Technicians.

  • Study & Image Consulting.  

  • Concept & Creation of the Character

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