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Who we are

The Magic Club Fernando Riccardi returns to the historic headquarters of the Roman Magic with a new costume and new ideas, born from the idea of his pupil Francesco Leardini who is the creator and founder of the Magic Club itself.

The idea is to create a Club (meeting point) where all magic art lovers can meet whenever they feel like it or desires.

But above all to respect what has always been the thought and will of Comm. Fernando Riccardi aka "Niccadir" ...

Create a place where all boys and girls up to 18 years of age NEVER pay ANYTHING, neither the membership card, nor the school of magic, nor the conferences and any of the activities that will take place within the Fernando Rccardi Magic Club , as he has always done.

The club is made up of all professional and non-professional enthusiasts of magical art who together have decided to form the Magic Club in all its facets where the main thing is unity and sharing.

The Magic Club Fernando Riccardi aims to create a fixed place open to all those who want to be part of it, no one excluded, thus forming a group of magic art lovers where every moment will be the right one to get together and exchange ideas where at times they will learn and at times they will teach their neighbors without ever bragging about their knowledge.


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